What are customers are saying

As a professional hockey player, I have been using the Esporta System for several years and it is excellent. Esporta’s system kills bacteria that can lead to skin infection. Professional athletes have had serious infections over the years from filthy equipment. I feel confident knowing that my equipment is safe.
- Chuck Kobasew Boston Bruins  

 The cleaning system exceeded all my expectations. Before the cleaning, my equipment had a special place…outside. After one cleaning I left my equipment in our living room and my wife didn’t even notice. I recommend the Esporta cleaning system to anyone who is serious about their sport.
- Curtis Claxton 

So, I brought my goalie equipment into Tie Goal to get cleaned last month. Of particular concern to me was the condition of my fairly new goal pants. While sitting them outside to dry about 6 months ago, the neighbor’s cat decided to “mark” them. And the sickening odor of cat urine is not pleasant to play hockey with. It seemed to have fused with my equipment, and would waft up at me while playing. Yuck!

I tried valiantly to remove the offending ammonia stench with my home washer and various cleansing products. I used about a gallon of “nature’s miracle” enzyme solution. After a couple of games the stink came back. I tried ungodly amounts of bleach and hot water. Again, the smell would return within a week or two. I tried detergent and “oxi-power” cleanser, and again, the odor would come back, taunting me. I was SO close to just tossing the pants and buying new ones.

However, I came across an email from your service, and figured I would give your process a try; I had nothing else to lose.

I am thrilled to report that after a month and many games later, I detect not even a hint of the cat urine anywhere in my gear! IT’S GONE! You have saved my pants, and allowed me to enjoy playing hockey again without cursing the feline funk. You have made me a true believer in Tie Goal, and I will certainly use the service again, and have already recommended it to several teammates. Oh, and the rest of my gear also is pleasant to be around- there’s no stink, and the slimy grime inside my gloves is gone. Truly amazing! Thank you very much!
- Lance Lewis of Los Gatos, CA  

TieGoal has cleaned my hockey gear 3 times since they opened there doors. Each time the job was well done and completed in the time they said it would be finished by.
The cost was $40 for all gear excluding skates. Do your family, friend and teammates a favor and get your gear washed every now and again. If you need your hockey gear cleaned, take it here!
Russell S. Tempe, AZ